We Are

God's Church


Together as Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Lutheran Church is a congregation of the ELCA. 

Gathered together by the Holy Spirit we seek to join in God's work of Growing

the Fruits of God's Kingdom

(Galatians 5:22-23).


Together with 

Luther Crest Bible Camp

Luther Crest Bible Camp is located in Alexandria MN and their mission is to inspire faith, stewardship, and community in God's creation. 

Though we cannot gather with them in person this summer 2020, they have innovative online opportunities for Preschool-12th grade youth 


Together with our Ministry Partners

We seek to learn from, with, and alongside our neighbors, especially those who are most in need. 

Here are ways they are helping us learn about God's dream of justice and peace, and how we can join them in this work. 

About this site...

Jay Beech, a songwriter and theologian, has a song titled

"The Church Song:We Are the Church." 

In it he shares that the church is not a committee or board, it's not made out of sticks and stones, and its not someplace we go. Rather we, the people of God, are the church. And in this time of pandemic we are living fully into this reality, that we are God's church wherever we are gathered. 


This site is a way for us to see and engage in this work of being God's church together. There are spaces to learn about upcoming events and service opportunities, as well as Youth led Bible studies, crafts, activities, and more.  


So join us here as we learn about what it means to be God's church together with the people of Oak Knoll, with the people of Luther Crest Bible Camp, with our Ministry Partners, and with God's people all over this world.


For joined in the Spirit's creative power, we will share, learn, listen, pray, worship, and live together as God's Church where ever we are!

Photos taken by youth of OKLC
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